Focus On Business – Most Real Estate Agents are small family owned local businesses.

The focus of this blog is not to push Real Estate on you nor ask you to buy, sell or invest in real estate at this difficult time. My blog is about Working Together in SWLA and getting the word out about small businesses in our area.

Today’s blog is about getting to know a a little something about some of the local Real Estate Agents that are being affected by the Corona Virus here in Lake SWLA.

The majority of Real Estate Agents are small business owners who are dependent upon commission only income. When referring to “Agents”, I am also referring to “Realtors”. You can become an Agent through your state licensing process but to be called a “Realtor”, you have to be a member of the National Association of Realtors after having been licensed.

I spent many years in the business world and between my husband and I have bought and sold a number of homes. Before obtaining my license to become an Agent a few years ago, I simply had no clue whatsoever about the actual practice of Real Estate.

The typical impression of a Real Estate agent is that you call the agent, they meet you at a house, you like the house, they negotiate with the seller, go to the closing and pick up their commission check and..”wa-la”, you have a new house! The same goes for a seller…You meet with the Agent, the Agent puts a sign up, a buyer makes an offer and again “wa-la”, you have sold your home!

Little did I know the real truth.

My impressions were far from the reality of practicing as an Agent. That being said, I LOVE being an Agent and the Agents I know love what they do. Real Estate is about money because agents depend upon the buying and selling of houses for their livelihood but I believe there is another essential layer to the job. I find the Agents I’ve met to be genuine caring people who really do care about their clients and our community here in SWLA. They go above and beyond to take care of their clients and care about the outcome outside of the income generated. I think this goes hand in hand. When a deal is closed, I see the happiness from the Agent which results from finding someone a home or helping them sell their home outside of the income.

It seems like Real Estate is trying to go the way of less personalization by buying and selling homes through online sources with no personal touch. You can’t, however, just look as real estate as a transaction. Sellers think of their homes as a place where they raised their families, entertained friends and made memories. Buyers are looking for homes for the same reasons.

In my personal opinion, there is no replacement for the personal touch and humanness in the transaction. The Agents in SWLA with whom I’ve been associated, genuinely feel empathy and joy for their clients. We have to handle rejection, not just for ourselves when we lose a commission but feel just as empathetic for our client and be willing to comfort our clients when things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to for whatever reason. Our brokerage has meetings where we talk about good things and sometimes not so good things. I have yet to hear an Agent who does not express an attitude of genuine caring for their client before they express the disappointment of losing a deal for themselves. Today I received a phone call from a member of our staff just to see how I was. This meant so much to me as I am part of a brokerage (Keller Williams Realty Lake Charles) that has their agents well being at heart.

People still need to move and sell despite the Corona Virus being upon us. Agents are going out of their way more than ever to help both buyers and sellers who might be in need of help despite the current situation. We are still, however, needing that face to face contact even though we cannot shake our client’s hand. At least we have the technology to do this online.

Please be compassionate towards our Agents when they call you just to check up or ask what they can do for you. They truly care about you and want to help you. There is not enough room in this blog to tell you all of the things an Agent will do to help you achieve your goal. Just talk to them about it.

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