Social Distancing? We are still one community..

I moved to Lake Charles about from Lafayette almost four years ago. Lafayette, Louisiana, is an amazing community but I have truly come to love Lake Charles and the SWLA area. The pace is a bit slower and it is fun to discover those hidden gems in our community. We are struggling right now as is the entire country and world. I do, however, find the people of SWLA to be extremely resilient and coping in the best ways they possibly can. Although a difficult time, I feel a spirit of optimism. I believe that a lot of the optimism and resiliency comes from our Acadian “Cajun” culture. Even if you are a transplant to the area as I am, the “sense of community” is integral in our every day life. By starting this blog, I hope to share some of the stories of people and small businesses in our area that need your help now and in the future.

Please join me on a journey to share and support our community. #StayInTouchSWLA

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